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Benefit of using CAC ERP Systems


We are the original designer of CAC ERP Systems
CAC ERP Systems has been implemented on over 1000 customer sites for 30 years. As the original designer of CAC ERP Systems, we can provide full and complete implementation service


CAC ERP Systems is complete and integrate

CAC ERP Systems is made up of a series of modulus including: costing sheet, quotation, sales order, sales invoice, packing list, MRP, BOM and ECN, production planning, Master Production Scheduling, Purchase Requisition, Subcontractor Control, Purchase Order, GRN and IQC, Quality Control, Production Control, System Administration, Shop Floor Control, Customs Systems, Garment System, Lot no. tracing Systems, EIS Systems, CRM Systems, Payroll Systems, Accounting System, and so on.....


Implement rapidly with minimum support
 CAC ERP Systems provides data porting utility for you to transfer old data to our system.


Provide Remote Site Management Solution
 CAC ERP Systems allows main office to connect to overseas factories or branch offices through ADSL line.


CAC ERP Systems is flexible and user friendly
 CAC ERP Systems allows user to define their own document formats, document work flow, desktop user buttons.


Support ISO  Management
CAC supports incoming QC control, Lot no traciability, and approval vendor list.


2nd system development
 CAC ERP Systems provides data dictionary to our client for them to develop their own reports and supplementary system.


Multilingual Operation Support
 CAC ERP Systems supports simplified Chinese language, traditional Chinese language and English operation.


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Copyright 1999     www.cac.com.hk     All rights reserved.